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Summary A web front-end for CvsAnaly
Categories techcomm, scm, process, deployment, requirements, testing
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) grex, jgascon

Message from the owner(s)

CVSAnalY-Web has been released recently. Up to now it had been used in a close environment at university for research purposes. We wanted to release to the public in order to let the community take advantage of the information and analyses it provides. Have a look at the Libre Software Engineering pages for other tools, results and information, CVSAnalY is a web front-end for CVSAnalY tool!, you can find this tool in http://cvsanaly.tigris.org


Cvsanaly-Web is a web front end for a statistical tool called Cvsanaly, it shows open source projects graphs and tables. With this tools is easier to study free software evolution.